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If you are new to Helicopters it is unlikely that you learned nothing from the page above.

If you learned a lot from it, think about this......120 further pages of similar explanations make up 'The Private Helicopter Pilots Guide.' All of them are crammed with accurate information presented in the best way it can be. Graphically.

For the more experienced (perhaps a PPL (H) holder planning a new career as a commercial Helicopter pilot) give some thought to this......Global use of the Helicopter is on the increase. Those guys lucky enough to get jobs flying the HEMS and Police Helicopters proliferating all over the globe leave openings behind them. Ex-Vietnam pilots are beginning to retire. Jobs are out there for those who are willing to train hard and be the best of the bunch.

Don't think that this book is just for beginners. It will be a valuable companion on the road to a commercial Helicopter pilot's licence and beyond..... To reach that goal you need the right information presented in the best possible way. Pictures really do speak a thousand words. Get ahead of the game! Order a copy today!

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