Helipod Europe Ltd

Helipod NZ Ltd and helicopterpilotsguide.com have joined forces to bring a range of new and innovative Helicopter products to Europe.

The new company will promote, stock and distribute the products of Helipod (New Zealand) Ltd, increasing the versatility of European based helicopters.

For background information visit www.helipod.co.nz

Amongst the many products produced by Helipod NZ are 'pods' or panniers that hang from the lower fuselage to undercarriage mountings. They are designed to fit in this way so as not to put weight down on the skid tubes which would reduce the designed 'flex' of the skids and crosstubes required during a heavy landing.

The pods provide very useful space for stowage of all sorts of items, from the proceeds of a successful fishing trip to medical equipment for treatment of the injured at an accident scene. Courier Companies use them to carry all kinds of items to inaccessible spots or simply to beat the traffic of a busy Metropolis. The R22 has stowage space below the seats but the box shape can be restrictive and the weight of any load cannot exceed 50 Lbs. in either seatbox with or without a person on the seat above (all loading is subject to maximum all-up weight limit and C of G position of course). The pods are available for the Hughes/Schweizer 300 series, the Robinson R22 and R44 models. They can carry more than the under seat boxes in both volume and weight.

After the initial fitting of the mounting brackets the pods are quickly and easily fitted or removed. The fitting or removal does not interfere with the structural integrity and shock absorbing ability of the skid landing gear. An interesting bonus is that the pods can be a valuable safety aid for flight training. One pod fitted to the left skid (and properly loaded with the correctly calculated weight) can make up for the lost weight of an instructor. Early solo flights can then be made with the Helicopter hovering in an identical attitude to dual flight.

Lots of room..... Get lots in..... The left hand pod fitted to a Hughes 300

The R44 Helipod, now in stock at Helipod Europe (UK)
Above is a picture of the LH Helipod fitted to an R44. The pod may carry 100 lbs of baggage or items stowed with less size or shape limitation than the under seat boxes. Helipod Europe stock them in the UK Midlands.

An R22 fitted with a pair of Helipods
And here's a shot of an R22 landing at a temporary base with a pair of Helipods fitted.

Helipods are currently available for R22, R44, H269 (300) and Rotorway helicopters.

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