One liners.....Short bursts........

One US quart (how most aircraft engine oil is sold) is 0.946 Litres.

One nautical mile is just a little less than 2 Kilometers (actual 1.88)

For the R22 Beta, 1" of manifold pressure = approx. 13bhp.

The Earth rotates by 1 degree every 4 minutes or 15 degrees per hour.

1 minute of latitude travelled also represents 1 nautical mile.

1 degree of latitude represents 60 Nm

In the Northern hemisphere, if you stand with your back to the wind the low pressure is on your left.

In the Southern hemisphere, if you stand with your back to the wind the low pressure is on your right.

Both cold and warm fronts are low pressure systems.

'Port wine is RED, it is all that is LEFT'.

There are old Pilots and bold Pilots, but there are few old bold Pilots.

Safety is no accident!

Velocity is speed AND direction.

A body (mass) that changes its velocity is accelerating (even if speed is decreasing, or speed is unchanged but direction is changed).

A body (mass) at rest has inertia but cannot have momentum.

A body (mass) that is moving has inertia AND momentum.

0.1 Hrs is 6 minutes.

A pint of fresh water weighs a pound and a quarter.

One Litre of pure water weighs exactly one Kilo.

'Wind' is air moving relative to you (or any object) when on the ground.

If maintaining an airspeed, 'wind' has no bearing on it, only groundspeed will be affected by wind.

"It is good to be constantly reviewing your own knowledge. You must never think you know it all. You should never stop learning because you think you know it all. That stops you listening to anyone else's view.....And they might be right!"
SPS 2000

"Some people are said to be 'pioneers', the ones that push boundaries. To be a true pioneer you must realise that boundaries are not just a line ahead of us, they are a sphere all around us. To really push boundaries you must be prepared to look sideways, downwards, backwards or in any direction, and if you find a boundary has been wrongly drawn you must be prepared to move it".
SPS 2001