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Does anyone out there have anything say on Helicopter flying in general?

Stuck Fast

Where does it say in any R22/44 Flight Manual or Preflight Checklists, that you pull the tail down to check the tailrotor gearbox oil? The oil should be checked in the skid flat position, on flat (non sloping ground. Does the helicopter generally fly tail low? Not often.

It concerns me that some Pilots and instructors pull the tail down (in front of students during a preflight) to accelerate the oil flow because it is very viscous, but not the correct way that I know to check geabox oils in R22/44's. Do you do that to the main transmission, what's the difference?



Thanks to Arnold Catlin for his response to my question.

Surely I cannot be alone - I was taught to pull down the tail to check the gearbox oil, and to look for a 'trace' of oil !

Arnold is correct - the book doesn't say anything other than 'check the oil'.

So - how much oil should the pilot look for?


Peter Christian

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