Probably the first book of its kind, written from a student's point of view,
by an instructor who appreciates what it is like to learn to fly Helicopters.

What's in it?

Full colour graphics!

If a little knowledge is dangerous... Written to aid progress of student pilots and accompany them through the whole of their flying career.

2 years of painstaking research including much valued input from 25 highly experienced instructors worldwide (In UK, Mike Smith, Mike Green, Georgina Hunter- Jones amongst others, In NZ Walter Wagtendonk, Arnold Catlin, John Clements, Anne Robertson, Simon Spencer-Bower, Neil Scott, Peter Darling, Bill Conning to name but a few. THANKS ALL!

49.95(GBP) + p&p by prior order direct from the Author - email (Website under construction now the book is finished!)

Please allow at least 28 days for delivery.
If you want to learn to fly Helicopters or already hold a licence and wish to be a better, safer pilot, this book is for you!

If you are an instructor and wish to be more effective and efficient in the briefing room, it will help you to do just that.

121 pages of colour graphics written in clear terms by a UK JAR rated instructor make one of the most comprehensive, practical and up to date Helicopter flying books available. JAR compliant, all 28 exercises are fully briefed. But that's not all. Every principle, every hazardous flight condition is fully covered.
The front cover gives a taste of the thousands of unique and original graphics that were created for this book
...greater knowledge promotes safety.

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